How to be a Proper Working Mother

Fellow Mamas, listen up. We all know that balancing work and parenting is a great way to feel inadequate in every aspect of your life. Isn’t it fun to rush through every moment of your day, hoping your boss forgets about deadlines and your toddler magically toilet trains themselves? To help you out, I’ve collected some actual Read more about How to be a Proper Working Mother[…]

I'm a MOTT Mum!

So you know how everyone says about having babies – “they don’t come with manuals!”. Bullshit. Because they come with about 1057 manuals, written by various experts of varying expertise. And if you are a real person living in this real life real world, you’ll be CONSTANTLY exposed and schooled ALL THE FUCKING TIME. Especially Read more about I'm a MOTT Mum![…]