The truth about what new mums actually need

A blog Not many know this, but babies actually leave the womb clutching a post-it note with the password to your very own wordpress site. Here, you will allow yourself to write pages upon pages that document the absolute shock you will experience in the first months of your child’s life. You’ll say things like Read more about The truth about what new mums actually need[…]

Product Review: Coffee Scrubs (spoiler alert: they’re shit)

I’m sure by now you’ve heard all about self-care, how important it is to self-care, fill up your cup, recharge your batteries, have some time out, have some bloody me-time. This is of course targeted to us hapless ladies; particularly mothers who have let themselves become grumpy and unkempt. Because judging by instagram and columnists everywhere, Read more about Product Review: Coffee Scrubs (spoiler alert: they’re shit)[…]

Product Review: Razor Alliance

Not long ago, my friend Shaun, together with his partner and sister, launched the Razor Alliance. After weeks of empty promises of “free samples” and “I’ll hook you up, Gabi” and “stop using so many quotation marks, Gabi”, I gave up and placed an order online, like some kind of common person. Razor Alliance promises Read more about Product Review: Razor Alliance[…]

The Gaye Cure

Marvin Gaye first put it into song with killer lyrics like “you’re my medicine, open up and let me in, you’re so great, I can’t wait for you to operate.” Well, this is how I operate.

How to be a Proper Working Mother

Fellow Mamas, listen up. We all know that balancing work and parenting is a great way to feel inadequate in every aspect of your life. Isn’t it fun to rush through every moment of your day, hoping your boss forgets about deadlines and your toddler magically toilet trains themselves? To help you out, I’ve collected some actual Read more about How to be a Proper Working Mother[…]